What Is Coding?
There’s been a lot of discussion around coding lately, but it can be hard to figure out exactly what it means to code and how it plays a role in your child’s future. Coding (or computer programming), is the process of providing instructions to a computer so it performs a specific task. You may have heard of popular text languages like Java, Python, or Ruby, but even kids can easily learn to code using a
visual block language.

What Can My Child Do With Code?
In addition to the many practical and innovative uses for code in today’s world, it is also a creative medium. With a coding education, your child can use their new skills to create almost anything they imagine!

To number a few; Designing apps and games, flying drones, create animation, mod minecraft, make robots and developing web.

What we do?

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“I think basically every job in the future is going to have to require some part of coding!” – John Slater, CEO

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